Getting started is easy; create your account today so you are able to view the latest investment opportunities. To participate, Rock Crowd requires you to be an accredited investor. By using real estate crowdfunding, you can securely invest in projects that represent the finest assets in emerging markets across the United States. Through our simple investment plan, investors can put their money to work in large-scale real estate previously only available to specific investors or institutions.

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Rock Crowd provides a variety of types and projects across the United States. We provide a detailed summary of the property with photographs, scope of work, project financial plan, timeline, and other information including the surrounding geography. Several of our projects start with investments small enough to participate in multiple projects at once. With over twenty-five years of experience in real estate, we are prepared to provide the best and most accurate services to our investors.

Rock Crowd considers transparency and community involvement vital to a successful project. Our properties and project descriptions are fully detailed with information regarding the surrounding community, a detailed business plan, project-scope, and more.

Our professional team has market expertise and strong analytical knowledge to provide our investors with the best properties and projects. Our team develops
a list of viable investment opportunities and carefully selects projects
with the best potential return for our investors.

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Select from an assortment of exclusive properties that meet the needs of your investment strategy based on location, property type, and timeline.

Invest smart. With many privately completed real estate investments, managers and developers may provide hidden or unnecessary fees. Rock Crowd’s project team develops a detailed plan to ensure investor money is utilized properly according to project scope.

Preserve your investments. Rock Crowd ensures your investment is only used for a completely funded project. With our large network of investors, projects will be funded promptly to provide little-to-no waiting time for a return on your investment.

Purchasing a Property. Once completely funded, an administrator will release the money from escrow and will purchase the property to begin the project.
All projects are funded through a tax-efficient REP structure to maximize gains.

Development. Once the property has been purchased, a pre-approved general
contractor will begin the last process. To ensure there is as little risk as possible,
Rock Crowd employees will oversee the construction process to make
sure the funds will be appropriately managed.



As a result of our experience and sound investment strategy, our investors will see consistent and timely returns on their capital with reduced risk. Building trust with our investors is our highest priority. At Rock Crowd, we understand real estate investments should be simple and provide reliable returns. To ensure the security of all investors partnered with Rock Crowd, we provide our own documentation and investment transfers for each project.

With our easy-to-use platform, there has never been a better time to invest in Real Estate with Rock Crowd.

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